Rachel Finch Reviews Melody Lee’s Season of the Sorceress

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I was thrilled when Melody Lee asked me to review her latest book, ‘Season of the Sorceress’. I have enjoyed Lee’s work for a number of years and have always related to her stunning poetry, particularly enjoying her previous ‘Moon Gypsy’.

Right from the first few pages of this beautiful book, I felt myself really drawn into Lee’s heart and soul. I especially loved one of the opening pieces ‘Growing Up’ and really felt myself travelling back in time to my own younger experiences when reading “They learned to hide their flaws. I learned to be proud of mine.”

I noted pretty quickly, that in ‘Season of the Sorceress’ Lee has shared longer pieces than I have come across in her previous work and I was both pleasantly surprised and captivated by these deeply personal pieces of text.

As always, Lee’s words deliver a punch and never fail to move…

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Alfa Reviews Melody Lee’s Season of the Sorceress

Alfa’s review of Season of the Sorceress

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If you are an avid poetry lover, you will purchase this book with the intention of embarking on a spiritual journey. A few hours of self-care delivered the only way you know how. And if you’re already a fan of Melody’s talent, then you’re settled in, licking your lips as you begin to turn the pages. Primed and ready, you know this author speaks your language. But if this is your first offering, be prepared to have your heart and soul lifted and transported by way of lyrical bites of poetic thoughts and powerful flowing prose. Melody has crafted something quite levitating with this third book of poetry Season of the Sorceress.

has the ability to create imagery that uplifts and cajoles her readers into
believing we are capable of anything, regardless of our personal circumstances.
Empowering, her rhythm and beat will reach the places within you that…

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Melody Lee: Morning Reflections

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Sitting on my back porch

with my pal, my fourteen year old pooch,

enjoying fresh morning air, hot coffee and the whiff of jasmine

thriving on a nearby trellis. I am almost in a trance

from the peacefulness that only these early mornings offer.

Red cardinals and other birds, maybe quails or mourning doves, I am not sure exactly,

entertain me. So sweet they sing, then fly away. Much like love

that comes but doesn’t stay.

Beside me, Mary Oliver’s “Devotions,” and a cellphone I am

determined not to touch.

Although this euphoria won’t last as the sun begins to dominate the sky

causing heat and humidity to steal the moment,

it is perfect here now, in the early hours of July.

And I am getting lost in the solitude and simplicity of dawn.

Looking, listening, observing, as poets often do.

Red cardinals continue to appear, and I wonder


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